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Personal Research Project for Final Year Undergraduate Studies.

This Visual Communication design project aims to promote well-being by acknowledging the possibilities that daydreaming holds for us in a society that is focused on productivity.

Within this society, we are constantly seeking the space to calm our minds from the rush of daily life as we wear out our minds with activity.

This project is aimed at students and young working professionals as these individuals are entering this phase of constant productivity. An over-whelming phase of taking on many new responsibilities as they enter the working world, a space that is often over-lit, bare and closed up from the outside environment. An environment that is built and designed to aim our attention at the work at hand. This project is also aimed at these individuals as this generation is consumed by the smartphone, which is replacing the daydream. For these two reasons, it is easy for these individuals to neglect the daydream as it is seen as a waste of time in a society that praises the focused mind. Daydreaming was chosen as the tool to improve the well-being of these individuals as daydreaming is a natural human behavior that we all possess. It is therefore a tool that we can all use to free our minds. Daydreaming holds many possibilities such as being the fundamental mind of creativity, problem-solving, lowering stress, being a major source of self-discovery and self-reflection, coping with emotions, imagination, energy, entertainment and boosting productivity. Daydreaming therefore is something that we can use to our benefit in our work and life.

Graphic Design
Installation Art
Book Binding

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The motivation for this practical project stemmed from my public event. For this public event, a "shelter for daydreaming”, made from wood, material and cardboard, was placed in a public space (the rooiplein at Stellenbosch University). This "shelter for daydreaming” was a created, isolated space that blocked out the external environment from the participant. Individuals were invited to lie down inside the box and watch a daydreaming stimulating video that I created, with headphones (to block out external sound). Its aim was to give individuals the space to shut out the external environment and allow their minds to wonder.

Some responses to this event, by the individuals that participated, were: "a wonderful escape from reality. It gave my body a reset for the day”, "can’t I stay here for the hour?” and "I feel so relaxed.” It was these responses from the individuals that participated, that lead me to the realization that there is this desperate seek to find the time and space to calm our minds.

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Visual journal recording thoughts and feelings from people's experiences

Research Article book design

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