Client: ASA Magazine

In light of October being global Mental Health Awareness month, ASA Magazine joined forces to help people reveal their layers and open conversations about mental health issues. Joining forces with talented artist, Farai Engelbrecht; authentic, quirky and unique local fashion brand, Loskop; the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG); and The Impact Hub, ASA Magazine aims to extend the reach of this conversation as far as possible.

Art Direction
Campaign Identity
Graphic Design


Chosen as a universal symbol of comfort and reassurance, a collection of uniquely numbered, limited-edition hoodies will be produced and sold in this campaign. We aim to use fashion and art as means to generate conversations among various social groups. By offering wearable art, this collaboration sheds light on more mindful approaches to detecting, understanding and dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide. One way in which this will be integrated will be the use of a QR code on the hoodie which people can scan. This will direct them to a dedicated campaign landing page on ASA’s website with resources and helplines. We will emphasize and link SADAG on the page so people have quick access to them and their services if needed in an emergency.

All proceeds from the sale of the hoodies will be donated to The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). 

Photography Credits: Michelle de Clercq

The Hoodie featured artwork created by local South African artist - Farai Engelbracht AKA Samurai-Farai. 

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The campaign introduced various influencers to help start the conversation.

Each influencer shared their personal stories and struggles with ASA’s community.



Photography Credits: Michelle de Clercq

Trigger warning: sexual violence and suicide

"...I had a suicide attempt when I was very young. I think I had 2 actually. But anyway, whatever. I can’t really remember. My memory is so affected. There’s so much trauma that’s happened and my brain has also just blocked out a lot of stuff. To the point where, the other day I remembered something and I was like, “Ohh, that’s a horrible thing that happened, but because there was so much other trauma… I know this sounds terribly dark, but I was like oh, you know, some of the rapes weren’t as bad as the others. Just like a small sexual assault thing that I totally forgot about…” I know that seems like a strange thing to laugh at, but I’m just like, what else am I supposed to do?…"

"Even if you think you’re not loved, even if you’re in a hopeless situation, your life has meaning."

- Nina Hastie


Photography Credits: Migal Van As

Creative Direction: Michelle de Clercq

"When I decided to chase my dream, I never imagined it would be met with so much cruelty from total strangers via social media.
It’s called "Cyberbullying”.
I’ve come to learn (partly through seeking professional help) that “Hurt people – Hurt people!” And the words and actions of others are not my responsibility or burden to take on.
At this point I feel like I’ve heard it all. From being body shamed n called fat, to being called a whore, to xenophobic messages telling me to “get the f*ck out of SA & go back to Zimbabwe.”

I am a "Public Figure” so I’m supposed to “take it cos it comes with the job”.
I am also a real person with real feelings and words hurt.

I’m sharing my experience with Cyberbullying so that anyone going through it knows they’re not alone!”

- Kim Jayde

Every statement printed in this newspaper is a direct message or a comment Kim received on Instagram in a 24 hour time frame.

Kim Newspaper.jpg

Newspaper Design: Michelle de Clercq


Photography Credits: Migal Van As

Creative Direction: Michelle de Clercq

"Here’s a message to you. To anyone that’s been through unspoken tragedies, I believe in you and you are strong. To everyone who sat quietly at the back of the class while kids pointed and laughed while you were chocking on your own tears. I see the beauty in you.
To everyone who cried at night and begged for it to end while the world was asleep. I hear you, you’re already braver then yesterday for still being here.
To everyone who is still going through pain - I feel you. I may not personally know you, or your struggles, but I know pain. Your fears of being unwanted is not irrational.
Wanting to take a step away from being social is okay. Do you boo, just come back. Having a down day is okay. Just keep going.

To everyone who is reading this:
You are NOT alone. It isn’t your fault. You are not weak for crying or being sensitive. You MATTER. Your feelings matter. You deserve love and happiness. You can do it. You are beautiful inside and out no matter what people tell you.

What does these images have to do with this caption? Well my so called “irrational anxiety “ has lead me to isolate myself when in a rough patch.
Something as simple as texting back or returning a phone call for me is rather challenging... Childhood trauma has a strange way of manifesting itself in our adult life. “It’s all in your head” I’ve been told a million times and sometimes still tell myself, but here’s the thing, every great idea started in your head too.. every invention, piece of art, achievement etc..
You. Are. Not. Alone.”

- Suraya Rose Santos